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Walt Gluegun







First Appearance

Turn The Other Cheek

Last Appearance

Turn The Other Cheek

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Walt Gluegun is one of the school bullies who torments other children, even Orel and Doughy. Orel thought he could be friends with Walt after hearing the song "Turn the Other Cheek" by Presbo the Clown. Walt responded by punching him. Orel's clothes were covered with blood, and his mother always washed them. Later, Orel's father, Clay, lectures him how to fight. At school, when Walt was going to attack Doughy, Orel punched him and he fell on the floor, followed by a kick in his face, revealing him to be suprisingly strong. As with most (i.e. all) advice given to him, Orel took things too far and attacked everyone, including his mother and father.


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