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Moral Orel
Season 3, Episode 5
Air date October 23, 2008
Written by Mark Rivers

Dino Stamatopoulos

Directed by Ross Shuman
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As Orel is shooting poorly during a marksmanship lesson from his father, an unhappy boy who is depressed because his parents ignore him joins them and his shooting skills impress Dad so much he winds up usurping Orel's place in the family.

Plot Edit

While Doughy is playing outside, he gets a scrape on his knee and goes inside to ask his mom for a bandage. Kim is disgusted by his wound and won't let him all the way in her room. Right before she hands him the band-aids, Doughy's dad walks in and kicks Doughy out of the house. While walking around town, Doughy becomes jealous of bonding fathers and sons he sees. He throws a rock at two squirrels out of anger and realizes he isn't sorry. Just then, he sees Clay teaching Orel how to shoot a gun out in the front yard. Doughy wanders over and asks Orel what he's doing, Orel explains and Doughy reveals himself to be an excellent marksmen. When asked how he did it, Doughy tells him he can shoot so well because he believes that he doesn't matter and nothing he does ever means anything to anyone. Clay then tells Doughy to keep an eye on Orel, and makes an empty threat of taking Doughy on the trip instead. As a result, Doughy tries to get Orel to flinch and shoot his gun in order to try and make it so he can go on the hunting trip with Clay. Clay begins to start favoring Doughy over Orel, much to Doughy's pleasure. After a while, Orel begins to feel the same rejection as Doughy and manages to shoot all his targets in the yard. Clay then tells his son he's ready to go on the trip. Doughy asks if he can still come to which Clay responds "Why, I wouldn't take you on that trip even if you were Lee Harvey Oswald."



Episode Tie-Ins Edit

This episode is connected to Courtship, Nature Part 1 and Nature Part 2


This was the only episode in Season 3 that had its traditional opening apart from Grounded and Passing