The Lord's Prayer
Season 2, Episode 8
Air date

January 15, 2007

Written by
Directed by
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Holy Visage

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The Puppingtons get some new neighbors and Orel develops a mutual crush on the neighbors' daughter, but after the grownups have a bitter argument over the correct wording of the Lord's Prayer the young lovers are no longer allowed to meet.

Plot Edit

A new family, the Posabules, moves in next door and initially everyone gets along, with Orel being smitten with their daughter, Christina. However, the families have a falling out over the interpretation of the Lord's Prayer with the new family advocating forgiving debt and the Puppington's advocating forgiving trespassing. As a result, the parents become bitterly estranged and Orel is banned from seeing Christina.

However, Orel and Christina meet up in secret, but fearful of the consequences of going against tradition, he runs away from her. After a meeting with Reverend Putty, Orel is told that if he goes against the Lord's Prayer, he'll go to Hell. In the end, Christina moves away with her family and they take Shapey, whom no one noticed had been taken accidentally the entire episode.


Major characters:Edit

Minor characters:Edit


  • Block and Shapey are switched in this episode and it remains like that for the rest of the second season.
  • The clay doll used for the character of Christina is just a duplicate of the one used for Orel but with long hair and dressed in female clothing.
  • This episode won the emmy for "Outstanding Individual Achievement in Animation" in 2007.

Episode Tie-Ins Edit

  • Repression: Gives insight into Principal Fakey's guilt about his affair with Nurse Bendy.
  • Honor: At the end of the episode, a flas-forward to the future is shown of Orel and Christina happily married.
  • Closeface: Orel takes Christina to the Arms Length Dance.
  • Numb: Bloberta goes to the Posabule's new home to retrieve Shapey.

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