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Season 3, Episode 10
Air date

November 13, 2008

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This episode takes place all through out the series, focused on Florence and Dottie


"Sundays" takes place throughout the entire series and is named as such because each scene takes place on a Sunday. The episode follows the lives of two Moralton women, Florence and Dottie. Both are recently divorced single mothers with limited visitation rights to their kids. While Dottie is attractive and stuck-up, Florence is fat and frumpy. The two strike up a tenuous friendship and move into an apartment together.

Florence's attraction to Reverend Putty grows, despite Putty's clear disgust at her and attraction to Dottie, which Dottie callously brings to Florence's attention again and again.

As events from previous episodes take place in the background (such as Orel raising an army of zombies), Florence eventually grows tired of Dottie's haughty attitude and ends their friendship, devastating Dottie.

Later, Florence finds herself alone at an all-you-can-eat buffet with Putty, and manages to drag him back to her apartment. Though very reluctant, Putty eventually succumbs to having sex with Florence, only to shout out Dottie's name as he climaxes. He leaves, ashamed, as Florence cries over the humiliation. Listening in through the door, Dottie is initially pleased to hear Putty cry out her name instead of Florence's, but is immediately saddened by Florence's crying.

The final scene takes place after the events of "Nature", with Putty preparing to deliver a sermon on hope, only to notice his entire congregation is depressed and lost. He searches the pews for Orel, looking for one last ray of hope, only to find him with his leg in a cast, looking as dejected as everyone else. Clay is not present. The episode concludes with Putty seemingly giving up as well, changing the title of his sermon from "Hope" to "Hopeless".


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