Sharon Christien








October 27, 1974


Jew for Jesus

First Appearance

The Best Christmas Ever

Last Appearance


Family & Relationships

Junior Christein Sr. (husband)

Sharon Christein (born October 27, 1974) is the wife of Junior Christein Sr. and the mother of Junior Christein and Christein Daughter. She speaks a stereotypical Jewish accent, and her family are known as the Jews for Jesus: Jewish people that accept christ as their saviour. She was one of the women impregnated by Orel in God's Chef. Apparently she is a fairly good cook, as seen in "Innocence." She is also the holder of the "Jews for Jesus Handbook," and tries hard to get the rest of the family to follow the strict rules of their religion.

Family and RelationshipsEdit

The Christeins: She seems to get along rather well with her family; they may be the most functional family in Moralton, despite their bizarre religious beliefs.


The Best Christmas Ever: Is introduced with the rest of the family by Reverend Putty.

God's Chef: Is one of the women impregnated by Orel.

Holy Visage: Prays at the Jesus-shaped wound with her family.

School Pageant: Tells her husband what crooning is and reminds him Jews for Jesus aren't supposed to care about money.

Innocence: Offers Orel some food.

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