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01 God's Image Orel takes Reverend's sermon of God making people in his own image too literally and separates the Figurellies from the rest of people of Moralton. 13 November 2006

02 Love Orel befriends a stray dog and Bloberta allows Orel to keep it. After a while, the two grow very attached and Orel becomes worried that he's loving his dog Bartholomew more than Jesus. Bartholomew quickly spreads enough love around Moralton that convinces the adults that he is a danger. 20 November 2006

03 Satan Coach Stopframe goes to a meeting of a Satanic cult, taking Orel with him. However, Coach Stopframe is turned off from the cult when he sees that everyone in the meeting is overweight, wandering around in the nude, and devouring junk food refreshments. 27 November 2006

04 Elemental Orel Orel solves problems using logic. After the money from collection at church is stolen, he sets out to find out who took the money, only to discover a bigger mystery involving his mother. 04 December 2006

05 Offensiveness Miss Censordoll takes Orel under her wing. 11 December 2006

06 God's Blunders Orel's friend, Tommy, is placed in the 'Special Retarded Education' program. 18 December 2006

07 Pleasure Reverend Putty's sermon denouncing worldly pleasures leads Orel to stop doing good deeds, which are his only source of pleasure, and when he subsequently has a wet dream he starts abusing himself with crushed glass and gravel to prevent more delight. 06 January 2007

08 The Lord's Prayer The Puppingtons get some new neighbors and Orel develops a mutual crush on the neighbors' daughter, but after the grownups have a bitter argument over the correct wording of the Lord's Prayer the young lovers are no longer allowed to meet. 15 January 2007

09 Holy Visage Orel learns the significance of religious symbolism when Dr. Chosenberg gets a wound that appears to be an image of Jesus that no one will treat. 22 January 2007

10 Be Fruitful and Multiply Reverend Putty puts the moves on Stephanie after spending several nights alone together but the consequences are uncertain. 29 January 2007

11 Praying As the date of a praying competition approaches Orel learns the townspeople have bet heavily on him, but when he experiences a crisis of confidence while training for the event he prays for help and receives it from an unexpected source. 30 April 2007

12 Repression When Orel catches Principal Fakey doing something wrong, he goes and talks to his father about authority figures doing inappropriate things. 07 May 2007

13 Turn The Other Cheek A children's record exhorts Orel to turn the other cheek and he starts taking daily beatings from the school bully, but when Clay explains that God actually wants him to show the bully how to turn the other cheek Orel goes to the other extreme. 21 May 2007

14 Geniusis The Pious Scouts go on an overnight camping trip and Orel struggles to reconcile what he's been taught with the evidence before him when he encounters a creature that appears to be the missing evolutionary link between humans and the older primates. 28 May 2007

15 Courtship Doughy is hungry for parental affection, and one day when Ms. Sculptham inadvertently calls him "son" he develops a massive crush on her and starts passing her lavish gifts that he obtains from the ice cream man, who is infatuated with him. 04 June 2007

16 School Pageant Orel's school puts on a musical called "Crooning Jesus" and he is crushed when another boy gets to play Jesus while he is stuck with the role of Judas, but the playwright convinces him that without Judas there would be no Christianity. 11 June 2007

17 Presents For God After Reverend Putty preaches that lost souls are "God's Presents" Orel and Doughy go to Sinville and bring back three prostitutes for him to convert, and soon they wind up steering more Sinville prostitutes to Moralton and making a lot of money. 25 June 2007

18 Orel's Movie Premiere Orel hosts his own movie premiere in his backyard for his family as well as key figures in Moralton's community; during the screening, Joe becomes restless, and uses the opportunity to insult everyone in attendance. 02 June 2007

19 Nature Part 1 Clay takes Orel on his first hunting trip and gets horrendously drunk, shooting a hunting dog he thinks is a rabbit and then roasting and eating it while berating his son for his reluctance to kill animals and ranting about the nature of women. 09 June 2007

20 Nature Part 2 Clay takes Orel on his first hunting trip and gets horrendously drunk, shooting a hunting dog he thinks is a rabbit and then roasting and eating it while berating his son for his reluctance to kill animals and ranting about the nature of women. 16 July 2007

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