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Moral Orel
Season 2, Episode 17
Air date June 25, 2007
Written by Mark Rivers
Directed by Chris McKay
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After Reverend Putty preaches that lost souls are "God's Presents" Orel and Doughy go to Sinville and bring back three prostitutes for him to convert, and soon they wind up steering more Sinville prostitutes to Moralton and making a lot of money.

Plot Edit

Reverend Putty delivers a sermon extolling how lost souls are "God's presents" before descending into self-pity over the town's repression. Wanting to cheer Reverend Putty up, Orel and Doughy venture into the nearby town of Sinville where they encounter massive partying and Catholics. Orel and Doughy are soon steered towards a brothel, where they in turn send three prostitutes to Putty for them to be "saved".

Very grateful over the encounter, a relaxed and cigarette-smoking Putty thanks Orel and suggests that "every Christian should experience such glory." Taking his words literally, Orel steers the prostitutes of Sinville to Moralton and sets up a service for people to "save their souls."

With the vast population of lonely and repressed men eagerly taking advantage of the service, Orel and Doughy soon rake in over $4,000 while the town experiences a massive outbreak of STD's.

While setting up a rendezvous, Clay finds out Orel is behind the prostitution ring and orders him into his one hour. Clay then resumes making the arrangements with a now unnerved Orel as the show draws to an end.

Orel and Doughy in Sinville


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  • Intro gag - Orel throws a baseball in the air, and God throws it back.
  • Church display sign gag - "If it Weren't for Jesus, You'd Be Reading This Backwards."
  • The closing credits shows the animation of the Jesus Fish symbol being moved around by Jesus. Jesus makes the symbol explode and then re-appear as himself. He continues to morph into larger objects and then whip somebody with Mary eventually coming on to the screen.
  • This epsiode premiered on the Internet prior to its TV airing on [adult swim video] on June 22, 2007, however it was originally scheduled for June 21, 2007.
  • This episode was originally scheduled to appear after "Orel's Movie Premiere," however that episode was pushed back again, with this episode taking its place.

Episode Tie-InsEdit

  • Innocence - Reverend Putty mentions the outbreak of STD's as one of the five signs of God's wrath, classified as "boils"