The places of Moral Orel.


Statesota is a fictional state from Moral Orel that sits in the middle of Kansas, Missouri, Nebraska, Iowa, Oklahoma, and Arkansas.


Moralton is the capital of Statesota. Moralton is a deeply religous town centered around a white protestant church. The entire town is engulfed in it's own hypocrisy and rarely lives up to the christian values it claims. The town has mostly 1950's culture and a few of 21st century's culture (like Stephanie's punk and rock music, and a heavy metal band that Orel's a fan of). They're actually living in the 21st century.


The church sits in the center of the town both socially and literally, most people who live in Moralton attend it however, very few of them here to it's teachings.

Alfred G. Diorama Elementary SchoolEdit

The main school in Moralton that's shown. This is where Orel and all his friends go to school. It's mascot is called the "Vanishing Americans".

St. Martin Luther's Protestant HospitalEdit

Moralton's main hospital.

Thomas Bowdler LibraryEdit

Moralton's local library. This is where Ms. Censordoll works.

Aloneford ApartmentsEdit

An apartment building in Moralton where only single, unmarried or divorced women live.


Sinville is the opposite of Moralton. Sinville is joyful, tolerant, and the people there are allowed to be themselves. Because of what it was like in Moralton, Orel and Doughy thought of this place as hell. Orel's grandfather, Arthur Puppington, lived on a farm in Sinville. When he died in the lost episode Grandpa, he gave his house and money to Orel, for him and Christina to live and raise their children in the future.

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