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Moral Orel
Season 2, Episode 5
Air date December 11, 2006
Written by Dino Stamatopoulos
Directed by Chris McKay
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Elemental Orel
God's Blunders

Miss Censordoll takes Orel under her wing.

Plot Edit

Orel witnesses Mr. Figurelli giving Ms. Censordoll free, underfried eggs (eggs are her "only source of pleasure") to keep her from protesting his corner market. This inspires Orel to join her crusades against movies, books, and pretty much everything.

Eventually, he realizes that eggs come from a "naughty place between chickens' legs" and starts protesting them being served at Figurelli's market. This angers Censordoll, but she is incapable of telling Orel to stop the protest without losing her credibility as a protestor. Censordoll reluctantly joins in the protest against her beloved eggs, causing a townwide ban on all eggs save for "sin-free" Cesarean-born eggs.

The episode closes with her sneaking off to an illegal egg black market set up by a deranged farmer, who is sexually-obsessed with the way that his hens lay eggs


Minor appearancesEdit


  • Miss Censordoll's age is revelaed to be 40
  • The plot is centric to Miss Censordoll
  • At the end of the episode, the man seen dancing with a chicken is made to resemble cast member and writer Scott Adsit

Episode Tie-InsEdit

  • Nesting: The illegalisation of eggs is the main plot of "Nesting" and Censordoll campaigns against the mayor, mainly just to make eggs legal again
  • Alone: Censordoll taks to Farmer Phoney-Crops on the phone and orders fertilized eggs. The reason for her love for eggs is shown in "Alone"