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Moral Orel
Season 2, Episode 19
Air date July 9, 2007
Written by Dino Stamatopoulos

Nick Weidenfeld

Directed by Chris McKay
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Orel's Movie Premiere
Nature Part 2

Clay takes Orel on a hunting trip for some wholesome father-and-son bonding. What could possibly go wrong?

Plot Edit

The episode starts off with Orel and his father wrapping up another lecture session in his father's study. Orel then noticed his father's hunting trophy, prompting Clay to take him on his first hunting trip. After a viewing of Clay's large arms hallway, Orel is gifted with (and then relieved of) Ol' Gunny, the family pistol.

Sometime (or perhaps a week) later, they head off to the Moralton Nature Reserve. The trip quickly turns sour however as Clay immediately begins drinking while Orel has trouble with the idea of killing an animal. Frustrated with Orel's lack of action when a deer licks him, an inebriated Clay shoots the deer and then proceeds to kill a hunting dog he mistakes for a rabbit.

Tensions escalate that night as Clay gloats over his kill (and roasts the dog on a spit and eats it like a deer) while Orel is alarmed at how drunk Clay is. Put off at Orel's suggestion that he is too drunk to hunt, Clay goes off on a wild rant cursing women and then grows horribly and disturbingly despondent about his life. During this time, a terrified Orel accidentally fires the pistol he is holding and shouts "Dad!" as the episode ends with "To be continued."

Episode Tie-ins Edit

  • Grounded- Set four weeks before and leads into this episode.
  • Trigger -Clay teaches Orel to shoot a gun sometime a week before they actually go on the trip
  • Passing- The scene when Clay gives Orel Ol' Gunny and then takes it from him begins Clay's flashback.
  • Closeface- Orel gets a part-time job working at Buried Pleasures so as to buy a first-aid kit for the trip