Art and Poppit Posabule


  • Art: Male
  • Poppit: Female




  • Poppit: 31
  • Art: 40


  • Art: 1966
  • Poppit: 1975



First Appearance

The Lord's Prayer

Last Appearance

Voices by

Family & Relationships

Characters Edit

Art and Poppit are Bloberta and Clay's exact double except they have minor differences in appearances and the fact that Christina is a girl and Orel is a boy and the Posabules forgive "debters" instead of "tresspassers". The Posabules and Puppingtons got along very well until they noticed their religious differences. Art Posabule appears once after "The Lords Prayer" in "Close Face". Poppit Posabule is also seen once after "The Lords Prayer" in "Numb". As for personality, Art and Poppit are the same in every way with Clay and Bloberta, Art is an alcoholic and Poppit has an obsession of "helping". They have some minor differences, such as Poppit being calmer than Bloberta when she points out something out of place, perhaps keeping a cooler head. But at the same time she's more cold than Bloberta in "Numb" when she and Bloberta decided to switch Shapey and Block back. When Block showed Bloberta love and affection, Poppit coldly slammed the door, willingly abandoning Block with Bloberta to raise. Not much else is shown with Art's personality except that in "Closeface" he still clearly remembered Orel and slammed the door in his face when he caught him talking to Christina.

Not much else is known, except it can be assumed that Block is also an illegitimate child. And if that is possible, its not known if his father is a counterpart of Coach Stopframe or some random person Poppit could have had an affair with. In "Honor" although its known their daughter Christina becomes Orel's wife and has two children with him. Its not known on the status of Poppit and Art or if Orel's parents and the Posabule's have made peace or they just don't care about their children anymore.



The Posabule are no better than the Puppingtons since Poppit abandonded Block. Poppit may have had an affair with someone like Bloberta did, but at different times. Block and Shapey have different birthdays.

Appearances Edit

The Lords Prayer Art and Poppit befriend the puppingtons only to break it in the same episode

Numb Poppit is seen giving Shapey back to Bloberta but Block stays with Bloberta

CloseFace Art is seen briefly pulling Christina back from Orel

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