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January 1, 1972

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Modella Hymentact (born January 1, 1972) is Bloberta's older sister, and is the sole soprano in the family choir. Mrs. Hymentact's favorite daughter. Not much is known about her character, she does seem to be a bit disturbed or upset on how her mother berate her father or make him "shut up". She doesn't seem to be rude towards Bloberta, but she doesn't to get to know her sister much. Nor does she say anything to try and stop her mother, but this may be beacause she is seen stunned whenever her mother yells.

She was seen present at her younger sister's wedding, but it appears her mother wasn't. She also appeared very uninterested in the ceremony, meaning either she was bored or didn't care to be at the wedding.

Although she is Orel's aunt, the show contains no suggestion that the two have ever met, nor does Bloberta mention her or her family. Since Bloberta never seems to mention her family, its unknown what's happened to Modella since Bloberta's marriage to Clay.


  • Raymond Hymentact (father)
  • Mrs. Hymentact (mother)
  • Lunchbox (younger brother)
  • Bloberta (younger sister)
  • Orel Puppington (nephew)
  • Shapey Puppington (nephew)


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