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December 23, 1970

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Character Edit

Ms. Secondopinionson (born December 23, 1970) is the Alfred G Diorama Elementary school receptionist. She also takes calls at home for her aging father, who is the retired town doctor. She has a masculine voice, much like Dr. Girlfriend from The Venture Bros., but changes it to a stereotypical receptionist's voice by holding her nose when she is taking calls. She's very well aware of her voice and that many don't like it. When she isn't working, she cares for her eldery father and looks after her half-brother Joe , who treats both she and his father with spite. Joe reminds her often that, "You're not my mom," which is his excuse to treat her poorly. She is depressed and barren, and therefore the lack of her ability to have her own family forces her to stay at home.

In Dumb, Ms. Secondopinionson seems largely apathetic to what Joe does. When Joe continues telling her "You're not my mom", she answers "I know, I'm nobody's mom". He says cause she's ugly, she quickly answers its because she's unable to have children. When he asks why she isn't married, she admits it could be because she's ugly. He then answers it could also be because she has an "ugly" (her manly) voice and she quickly admits it could very well be that reason. It is revealed that she always knew the identity of Joe's mother. When confronted by Joe about this, she answers, "Why should I tell you anything? I'm not your mom." Joe for the first time gives her a smile and it makes her happy for once he appreciates her.

Miss Secondopinion's first name has never been revealed. It's unknown what becomes of her after Joe leaves to live with his real mother. She most likely still took care of their aging father until his death in 2013.

Noteworthy Appearances Edit

Love: Remarks that it's the first day the kids can use the new playground.

Repression: Takes a message for Principal Fakey.

Dumb: Tries to get Joe to behave


  • It is possible that she's known Nurse Bendy since she was a teenager, and Nurse Bendy was just a little girl.

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