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Lunchbox Hymentact (born 1981) is Bloberta's red-haired, freckled little brother, and is a part of the family choir. He is also rude, possibly a little over self confident, and a little obnoxious. His mother hits him in order for him to be quiet. He does seem to think himself higher than Bloberta because of his mother's spoiling him and seems to enjoy being favored more. The name "Lunchbox" is derived from a piece of equipment used in stop motion animation, similar to the names "Armature" and "Stopframe".

Lunchbox stands out from his family because of his red hair. Oddly enough, neither of his parents have red hair, which means either someone else in their family had red hair or that Mrs. Hymentact had an affair with someone else just like Bloberta had her affair with Coach Stopframe. It would explain how he doesn't seem to unaffected by how his mother treats Bloberta and Raymond.

Lunchbox was seen at his sister's wedding and seemed very annoyed to even be there. This could possible hint that he was forced to go, just got bored easily, or just honestly didn't care. Its not known if he's ever met his nephew Orel or if there is much of relationship with anyone from Orel's family, or what became of him as an adult after Bloberta got married to Clay Puppington.


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