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Link McMissions was once a prehistoric cave man who became trapped in a block of ice. In Geniusis, Orel and Doughy finds him when their on a pious scout trip. The melt the block of ice with a can of "Global Warming" spray. Mr. Cartsen sees what Orel and Doughy had done and he becomes terrified of the beast. Later after meeting the humans,shaving his hair, and wearing clothes, The Missing Link is now named "Link McMissons". He is hosted on a radio talk show to talk about how dinosaurs were created. After getting nervous and making ape-like sounds, he leaves radio station. The town in infuriated with Link and they attack him with a water hose. Then, they take him into the church and throws him inside of Reverend Putty's freezer. Link becomes stuck inside of a block of ice again. 1,000,000 years later a boy named Zorel (who is similar to Orel) finds Link in the block of ice in the freezer that now belongs to Reverend Flashwing (similar to Reverend Putty). The map on the earth shows that Moralton has taken over the United States and is the only country left on earth, but is only science fiction.


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