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July 13, 1978



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Character Edit

Kimberly 'Kim' Latchkey (born July 13, 1978) is Doughy 's young-acting and irresponsible mother. She spends most of her time talking on the phone and making out with her husband. In high school she was best friends with Stephanie Putty. She met and dated Karl during high school, and it is apparent that neither one of them has really matured, mentally or emotionally, since then (as symbolized by the fact that she still wears her cheerleader uniform, and he his team jacket). She and Karl both neglect Doughy in favor of seducing one another, and treat him as an inconvenience, often giving him money to "get lost for a couple of hours".

Selfish and self-absorbed since high school, she was extremely oblivious to the fact that Stephanie was really a lesbian. And thought their staged "kissing" was good for pulling a prank to shock Reverend Putty . When Stephanie tried explaining her feelings to her, she shrugged it off as a sense of humor. Now as a mother, she is childish and ineffective, showing no motherly instincts toward Doughy at all. If anything she treats him no more than someone living with them or a younger sibling. As in "Trigger " she did try to give him a band-aid when he scrapped his knee. But was interrupted by Karl who got angry with Doughy for no reason; stupidly thinking Doughy was hitting on her.


Young Kim with braces

Appearances Edit

  • Courtship: First appearance
  • Closeface: Backstory is revealed
  • Trigger: Briefly at the beginning
  • Honor: Is seen ice skating with Karl.
  • Beforel Orel: She and Karl are seen (tiredly) among the congregation that was woken up in the middle of the night for Reverend Putty to learn about God. Its also one of the few times they're actually seen at church. But Doughy's no where in sight.


  • Kim and Karl got married at age 15.

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