No name, Kid One, The Other Guy or Billy











Family & Relationships

Unnamed father (only seen in Trigger)

Kid One, No name, The Other Guy or Billy (born 1993) is part of Orel 's collective friends known as "the rest" or "the gang", along with Doughy and Tommy. He is a ginger boy with a name that is never actually spoken, but is listed as "Billy" on the cast list in School Pageant. (However it is also possible that was in reference to Billy Figurelli)

Kid One introduces himself in Beforel Orel after Orel, Doughy, and Tommy. He attempts to say his name but Orel quickly interrupts all of them, commenting that they are all meeting for the first time. They start out friendly, but he and the other two  trick Orel into hurting himself, call him stupid, and play cruel pranks on him.

Orel, when taught that he must show his belief in God, plans to reenact the Binding of Isaac by putting his brother to death. The other children see Orel rolling around a stroller and tease him for being a sissy. When hearing about his reenactment, they get excited, follow him to church and encourage him to stab Shapey.


Waste: He is part of Orel's track-team and, like everyone at school, drinks Orel's "Formula #1"

God-Fearing: He is one of the kids who goes to the church's haunted house

Loyalty: He, along with Doughy and Tommy, tell Clay about Orel and Joe

God's Image: He is one of the five kids who first see that Billy Figurelli's skin colour is not the same as the others'

School Pageant: He is part of the cast as "Guard #2"

Trigger: Is seen with his father.

Beforel Orel: He's seen among the first children innocent Orel befriends.


  • He has a father, who only appeared in the episode Trigger.