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Karl Latchkey (born January 8, 1978) is the neglectful father of Doughy Latchkey and husband of Kim Latchkey. Karl and Kim have a very sexual relationship and appear to have never grown out of the "horny teenager" phase (as suggested by the fact that he still wears his team jacket from high school, and Kim her cheerleader uniform). Their sexual pursuits seem to take up most of their time, and they severely neglect Doughy in favor of seducing one another. Karl in particular becomes very angry at his son's interruptions, often shoving money into Doughy's hand and telling him to get lost. When talking with Doughy, he never listens or even allows him to finish a sentence before shooing him away from his sight. When he and Kim are spending time together, he often hides the house key outside, in a different place each time (so it takes Doughy a long time to find it).

While Karl is not slow, he's not the brightest and if truthful may be stupid (just like Doughy). As in "Trigger " he got overprotective and jealous of Doughy when he wanted a band-aid and kicked him out to have sex with her. Although a grown 28-year-old man, Karl's voice appears to still be breaking and his moods swings are that of a teenage boy's. These physical attributes are symbolic of his immaturity and inability to be an effective father to his son.



This was his and Kim's first appearance on the show. Mostly neglecting their son to go and make out. Or go on "dates"


In a flashback, its revealed Kim kissed Stephanie to pull pranks on Reverend Putty and Karl. Much to Stephanie's disappointment who was attracted to Kim. They're seen again, looking for childish "adult" things at Stephanie's shop.


Karl kicks out Doughy when he asks Kim for a band-aid. Karl, stupidly, thinks his son is hitting on Kim.


He and Kim are seen ice skating together.

Beforel Orel

He and Kim are seen (tiredly) among the congregation that was woken up in the middle of the night for Reverend Putty to learn about God; mostly for Orel's sake. Ironically its one of the only times the couple has been seen at church, but Doughy is not seen with them.



  • He or Kim may have come from family of wealth. Since they always give Doughy money; but neither one has been stated if they have a job.
  • Karl married Kim at age 15.

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