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Junior Christien II








January 1, 1994


Jew for Jesus

First Appearance

The Best Christmas Ever

Last Appearance


Family & Relationships

Junior Christein II (born January 1, 1994) is the brother of Christein Daughter, and son of Junior Christein Sr. and Sharon Christein. He is one of the boys in Orel's classroom. Despite normally speaking in a nasaly tone, he has an incredible singing voice. In School Pageant he gets the lead role as Jesus. He is not seen much on the show except with his family, and does not seem to be one of Orel's good friends. He seems to have a rather solid relationship with his sister and gets along with his parents. He is also a straight A student.


The Best Christmas Ever: He and his family are introduced at church.

God's Image: Is playing with his sister when Sal comes over.

Holy Visage: He and his family pray at the Jesus shaped wound.

School Pageant: Gets the lead role as Jesus in the school play.

Innocence: Is seen playing a game with his sister.

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