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Moral Orel
Season 3, Episode 7
Air date November 4, 2008
Written by Scott Adist

Dino Stamatopoulos

Directed by Duke Johnson
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When Orel asks his mother why she married his father she gives him a flip answer and bursts into tears as soon as she leaves the room, reminiscing about a time when her family was actively rejecting her and it seemed everyone she knew was engaged. The real reason she cried because of her bad decisions and what she did to Clay.

Plot Edit

This episode is a flashback about how Bloberta met Clay, and how Clay became an alcoholic. When Orel asks his mother why she married Clay. The flashback begins with a group of women showing off their engagement rings; everyone is getting married except for 18-year-old Bloberta.

The women of Moralton gather in Miss Censordoll's basement to make protest signs. Bloberta insists on helping, trying to prove herself being clever. Censordoll is not impressed with her abilities and promptly forces her to leave.

Bloberta is seen going home where her mother, younger brother, eldest sister, and father are all singing. She tries to join in the choir but is abruptly stopped. Her mother appears to be very domineering, praising her other children yet neglecting Bloberta. She is especially harsh on her husband, who cowers in fear. Bloberta is told by her mother to make herself useful and clean her room.

Her father comes in, nervously, to speak with her, telling her how he tries to include her in family things but her mother won't have it. In these moments alone, she is seen having a flask, pointing to a drinking problem.

Later on, she is at Fakey's wedding and she notices Clay, who admits that he thought the wedding was a "regular service" and didn't leave as he thought it would be awkward.

Bloberta assumes he will be a good choice for a husband, and asks him to go the reception with her. They order apple juice and sit down to talk. Bloberta questions why Clay doesn't "'drink drinks" and assures the righteous Clay that "Jesus drank a lot" and he should, too. Clay overindulges and becomes very drunk. Bloberta asks him to dance and pressures him into proposing, wanting to be accepted. Clay refuses, unsure and unready for marriage.

After having a few drinks, Clay has lost most of his inhibition and is leering at the women passing by. Bloberta promptly leaves him to go to the bar, announcing to the bartender she has given up drinking. She begins to furiously clean the bar while Clay flirts with women around him. Annoyed with Clay's actions, Bloberta gets up and punches him, knocking him out.

She is seen the next day tending to his wounds and explaining how much she "helped" him and how much he "should need" her. Stumbling across words, Clay agrees to marry her. It's a rushed decision, made without knowing much about one another and the two seem unhappy from the start.

The wedding ensues and their usual habits begin; Clay drinks through the whole wedding and Bloberta angrily watches and cleans obsessively.


  • The episode Passing mirrors this episode with Clay's childhood
  • Bloberta's bad choices is the real reason why Clay is an alcoholic.
  • "Old College Try" by The Mountain Goats plays throughout the episode.


Major Characters Edit

Minor CharactersEdit

Episode Tie-InsEdit

  • Passing: The theme of a character's past continues

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