Grandpa is a lost episode of Moral Orel. This episode would have dealt with the death of Orel's grandfather, Arthur.

Plot Edit

This lost episode has Clay's father, Arthur, returning to the Puppington household. He gets to know his grandfather, and learns things from him that he never knew. Clay is angered at the sight of his father, while Arthur tries to get Clay's forgiveness. Clay never forgives him and shows hatred towards him for leaving him and blaming his mother's death on him. Orel and Arthur bond soon enough. Arthur dies in bed and Clay is overjoyed, but Orel goes through a depression. While Bloberta trys to comfort Orel, Clay is seen still happy and cheering around his Dad's dead body. Orel goes through a depression that makes him become a gothic type of christian. He later visits a social worker, and learns how to be a better person than anyone else in Moralton.

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