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Gladys Z. Foamwire






August 31, 1936






First Appearance

Be Fruitful and Multiply

Last Appearance

Be Fruitful and Multiply

Family & Relationships


Gladys Zhihao Foamwire (August 31, 1936 - 2007) was the mother of Stephanie.


In Be Fruitful and Multiply, Stephanie told the story to her father: Gladys had an obsession over God. In 1977, she stalked Reverend Putty for weeks. She watched him outside of his window and took pictures of him sleeping every night. Reverend Putty was unaware of her presence. One night, she stole his heart-shaped wastebasket that had his sperm sample inside of it. The basket was filled with tissue papers that he used to clean himself up with after masturbating. She used the sperm sample to impregnate herself. 9 months later, she gave birth to her daughter, Stephanie. 28 years later, When Gladys was dying, she told her that her father was Reverend Putty. When they met, they bonded a successful family relationship like no other in Moralton.

Family & RelationshipsEdit

  • Stephanie: Stephanie is her only daughter. Gladys was a virgin and was not married or never had a love relationship with anybody. She wanted to get married and start a family of her own, but it never happened. She was depressed and obsessed over god, that she kept praying to him for a husband or a child. At age 40, she conceived Stephanie by stealing Reverend Putty's wastebasket filled with his sperm samples that she used to impregnate herself. She gave Stephanie the middle name Ai after her Chinese mother, Ai Ming Pan.


  • Gladys was of Caucasian & Chinese descent. Her mother, Ai Ming Pan, immigrated to the United States from China, and met her father, John Foamwire. They lived in a small, friendly town not far from Moralton and got married, then they had Gladys. They were a happy family. When Gladys was 12, her parents died in a car accident. She lived on the streets for a few days and then was found in Moralton.

She was sent to live in a religious orphange. She was was different from other people so many didn't like her (this may be why she was never married). The people taught her all about God and how to be pious, and that's when she became a Christian. She became so brainwashed into the religion, that she gained obsession over god, and many people in town knew about her religiosity. At 18, she left the orphanage. She was lonely and depressed for a long time, that she kept praying to god for love or a child. Besides her obsession with god, She stalked Reverend Putty every night in order to steal his sperm and wastebasket. When she had Stephanie at the age of 41, she gave her the middle name Ai after her mother, because she loved and missed her alot.

  • She looks similar to the actress, Ruth Buzzi.
  • Her middle name Zhihao is Chinese meaning "will purpose, ambition", "wisdom, itellect" or "brave and heroic".
  • Her grandparents were peasants who worked on a rice farm in China.


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