End of the Line is a beta end of the series that came to be broadcast in few television channels as a test. It would exclusively feature Orel with 13 years, who would become an atheist after realizing that faith has only led him to misfortune and more misfortune after walking around Moralton observing the miserable life that all people carry, in a discussion of His parents Orel packed his things and left home. Clay finds out about this and begins desperately looking for Orel next to Bloberta and all the villagers, Orel would be found by Officer Papermouth under a bridge crying, Papermouth and Orel have a talk in which Papermouth explains that although his Family is not perfect they love it and that in a way they will always be for him, who must learn to live with that, because families do not choose. Papermouth explains how his life as a child was compared to that of Orel, both very similar, Orel explains that it is not fair that he always try to be a good boy and that nothing has gone well, no one cares about him . Papermouth tells him that everyone is looking for him, that everyone misses him that they are worried about him, and that he does not worry that he still has a life ahead where he can continue trying everything he wants, Orel embraces Papermouth and then an emotional scene,Papermouth takes him on the patrol back with his family.

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