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Moral Orel
Season 3, Episode 6
Air date October 29, 2008
Written by Dino Stamatopoulos

Nick Weidenfeld

Directed by David Cromer
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Dr. Secondopinionson's sociopathic son Joe, who carries the burdens of unresolved grief and guilt because he was always told his mother died while giving birth to him, gets the real story from Coach Stopframe and reacts in typically violent fashion.

Plot Edit

When Joe returns home from the school play he is upset that his father wasn't there. His dad explains that he is in alot of pain and can't stand up, Joe disregards this as that his dad is just too old. Joe's sister gets a call from Nurse Bendy who asks for Dr. Secondopinionson, She lies and tells her he went to see Joe's play at the school. The next day Joe runs into Orel around town and ends up telling him his fear of getting old and that his mom died in child birth. Back at home Joe refuses to cooperate with his sister because she's not his mom. Desperate to find out more about his late mother Joe seeks help from his uncle Daniel. He tells him that his mother is in fact alive and tells him to look her up in the phone book, who Joe finds is Nurse Bendy. He asks her if she is his mom, but she belives that she cant be because she never hits him, but when Joe asks if he came out of her she says he did. The two bond and Nurse Bendy takes him to see her apartment. She shows him her "adult" candy and her teddy bears Hubby and Sonny, and explains that Sonny is her Joe. When Joe gets home he is enraged that his father never told him the truth about his mother and he beats him up with all his might. Afterwards Joe's sister tells him that their father is getting old and his memory is going, when Joe asks why she never told him she replies "why should I tell you anything, I'm not your mom". The next day Joe goes to look for his mom at her apartment but sees that she has thrown Sonny away. He gets to the hospital and asks her why and she tells him that he just doesn’t work anymore because she has her real son.

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Notes Edit

  • The song "Failsafe" by The Choir Practice plays throughout the episode.

Episode Tie-Ins Edit

  • School Pageant: Joe returns home at the beginning in-costume
  • Alone: "Sonny" and Nurse Bendy's isolation is connected to the plot
  • Nature Part 1: Orel mentions the hunting trip to Joe in the scene outside Forghetty's Pub
  • Nature Part 2: When he goes to the hospital the second time, Joe sees Clay wheeling out Orel in a wheelchair
  • Numb: When he goes to the hospital the first time, Joe sees Bloberta walking out, holding the handkerchief