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Moral Orel
Season 2, Episode 15
Air date June 4, 2007
Written by Scott Aukerman
Neil Campbell
Paul Rust
Directed by Chris McKay
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Doughy is hungry for parental affection, and one day when Ms. Sculptham inadvertently calls him "son" he develops a massive crush on her and starts passing her lavish gifts that he obtains from the ice cream man, who is infatuated with him.

Plot Edit

While staying over at Doughy's house, Orel unwittingly leads Doughy to realize the neglect he experiences at the hands of his parents, especially that they never call him "son". Though Doughy quickly perks up thanks to denial and a free ice cream from Mr. Creepler, though Doughy spurns Creepler's invitation to explore his van.

The next day, Ms. Sculptham returns papers and compliments Doughy's "C-", calling him "son", though in a condescending fashion. Happy with the praise, Doughy quickly forms an attachment to Ms. Sculptham that develops into a massive crush. Using the money saved up from the years of half-hearted parenting from his father. Doughy gives Ms. Sculptham a necklace and he instantly becomes her favorite pupil—though her favor does not extend beyond circling Doughy's "F" with a heart. However, things turn rocky when Doughy runs out of money and Ms. Sculptham instantly scorns him.

Desperate for help, Orel suggests that Doughy should manipulate Mr. Creepler into giving him expensive gifts that he can then pass on to Ms. Sculptham. Unsure if this is an acceptable practice, Orel asks his mother who tells him that women should receive everything from their husbands and denies that the Bible states, "It is better to give than to receive."

With Mr. Creepler lavishing gifts on him, Doughy quickly regains Ms. Sculptham's favor, even taking her to Paris. Realizing however that his love would never be reciprocated, Doughy decides to do what he felt he should have done from the very beginning—get into the back of Mr. Creepler's van. The encounter is short-lived when Doughy flees in disgust and announces that he is giving up romance forever. The episode ends with Doughy left alone on his stoop while his parents make out in the living room.


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  • The episode uses the song "You" by Peter Blood.
  • This epsiode premiered on the Internet prior to its TV airing on [adult swim video] on June 1, 2007, however it was originally scheduled for May 31, 2007.
  • Scott Aukerman, one of the co-writers of the episode, and Dino Stamatopoulos used to both be on the writing staff of Mr. Show with Bob and David.
  • Intro gag: Orel has his back to the camera and when he turns around he is wearing Groucho glasses.

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