Cecil Creepler
Moralton's ice cream man




Reddish Brown




March 9, 1976






  • Serving ice cream
  • Rapist/Pedophile

First Appearance

The Lord's Greatest Gift

Last Appearance



Unborn twin babies (children of Ms. Sculptham)

Cecil Creepler (March 9, 1976 - 2008) was the ice cream man of Moralton. He was the father of Miss Sculptham's unborn twins.

Character Edit

Cecil Creepler is the town's ice-cream man. Very soft-spoken, he can be found roving about the town in his ice cream truck at all hours of the day or night, selling a variety of Bible-themed frozen treats. In Courtship it is revealed that he is a pedophile with a fixation for Doughy, whom he attempts to lure into the back of his truck with promises of ice cream and other gifts. In Alone, it was revealed that he was a serial rapist who recently died in a Moralton jail, and that he raped and impregnated Miss Sculptham.

Had the series continued, Miss Sculptham would have discovered herself pregnant with his twins and that she had aborted only one of them. With Dr. Potterswheel finding out about her pregnancy, it is possible she would have given birth to the child. He was voiced by Dino Stamatopoulos.

Trivia Edit

  • Mr. Creepler, as a rapist, does not have interest in blondes, opting instead to victimize brunettes. Miss Sculptham, being a natural blonde, dyed her hair black in order to get raped by him. It is possible that with the episode "Alone" it could mean he's more of a sexual sadist, since he's targeted three brunette women and almost Doughy, who is a redhead.
  • In the transcript of Raped, Dr. Potterswheel says that Mr. Creepler committed suicide in jail. It is unknown if this counts as canon.
  • He was raped by his father when he was 12, which caused him to be a rapist in the future.

Appearances Edit

  • Courtship: One of the primary chracters in the episode. He tries to get Doughy in the back of his truck throughout the episode by giving him gifts, so that Doughy can give the gifts to Ms Sculptham.
  • Alone: He is seen in visions of longing by Ms. Sculptham.

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