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Britta Phillips (born June 11, 1963, Boyne City, Michigan) is an American musician. She was a member of the bands The Belltower and Ultrababyfat in the 1990s and Luna from 2001 to 2005. Since then, Phillips has released albums with fellow Luna bandmate (and husband) Dean Wareham (see Dean and Britta). Wareham and Phillips have also written score pieces for the Noah Baumbach film The Squid and the Whale and the Morgan J. Freeman film Just Like the Son. Their song "Knives From Bavaria" (Sonic Souvenirs) appears in the Olivier Assayas film, Clean, (starring Maggie Cheung). Their song "Your baby" appears in the Italian movie "A/R Andata e Ritorno" directed by Marco Ponti.

Britta's first acting job was as the singing voice of the lead character in the 1985 animated series Jem, opposite actress and singer Samantha Newark, who provided Jem's speaking voice. She then had a featured role in a 1986 episode of the cult TV show Crime Story, in which she played a former homecoming queen turned high-class escort in Las Vegas. She also co-starred in the movie, Satisfaction (1988) with Justine Bateman, Julia Roberts, Liam Neeson, Debbie Harry & Scott Coffey. She voiced various characters for the Adult Swim series Moral Orel (created by Dino Stamatopoulos).

In 2007, Britta produced and recorded a cover of Neil Young's "I Am A Child" for the benefit CD Cinnamon Girl - Women Artists Cover Neil Young For Charity.

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