Be Fruitful and Multiply
Season 2, Episode 10
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Air date

January 29, 2007

Written by
Directed by
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Holy Visage

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Reverend Putty puts the moves on Stephanie after finally becoming fed up with his solitude, but the consequences are uncertain.


While purchasing a new belt for his father, Orel runs into Reverend Putty at Mr. Figurelli's store. Putty, annoyed, shoos Orel away and happily purchases a new heart-shaped waste basket (perfect for holding all kinds of "bedside trash") to replace one that was stolen some 28 or 29 years ago.

Orel then heads over to the sex shop where Stephanie works and attempts to convince her to come to church. To his surprise, she agrees to go, but is then shown examining a photo of a sleeping Putty. The scene switches to Putty's bedroom where he angrily and desperately pleads with God to provide him a woman and then masturbates to unconsciousness.

The next day, Stephanie comes in, much to Reverend Putty's delight, and after a less-than-subtle sermon regarding procreation, he is very happy when he and Stephanie make a lunch date. His joy, however, is squashed when Stephanie reveals that she is his daughter.

As it turns out, she was conceived after her mother (Gladys Foamwire) stalked Reverend Putty for weeks and stole a sperm sample from his wastebasket. After wallowing in sorrow over yet another missed opportunity to lose his virginity, Putty consults Orel and after an inspiring sermon from Orel about what brings him joy, Putty comes around and he and Stephanie agree to pursue a father-daughter relationship.


Major characters Edit

Minor charactersEdit

Notes Edit

  • Intro gag: Orel's back is towards us and when he turns around he is wearing Groucho Glasses.
  • The song "Head & Heart" by Tom Bell plays during the end credits.

Episode Tie-InsEdit

  • Closeface - Putty and Stephanie's relationship is explored further.

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