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Moral Orel
Season 3, Episode 4
Air date 21 October 2008
Written by Chris McKay & Dino Stamatopoulos
Directed by Ethan Marak
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The lives of three lonely Moralton women are examined more closely, revealing personal lives and mental quirks that we never knew about before.


The story takes place the evening before Orel heads out for the hunting trip with his father. As Reverend Putty begins a radio sermon, Nurse Bendy enters her apartment. It is revealed that Miss Bendy is mentally disturbed; she plays house with teddy bears and calls them her "family" because she suffers from emotional loneliness stemming from the fear that people only care about her for sex. She suffers a breakdown when her teddy bear "husband" falls and lands on her back in a suggestive position, making her think that her proxy for a loving husband is only interested in sex as well.

Meanwhile, Miss Sculptham enters her apartment next door. Newspaper clippings hung around her apartment expose that Miss Sculptham assisted in capturing serial rapist Mr. Creepler, who has been found dead in prison, by dying her hair black to appeal to him and allowing him to enter her house, rape, and impregnate her. She subsequently gave herself an abortion—as strongly implied by the bloody coat hanger she fixes and Putty's mention of the word— but remains infatuated with him due to having experienced sexual gratification through him.

Finally, Miss Censordoll returns to her apartment just above. She explains during a phone call with her mother that her obsession with chicken eggs is due to the fact that she does not possess human eggs herself: when she was an infant, her mother had her sexual organs surgically removed. It is suggested that her immaculacy has given her a god complex, and that she might be plotting something sinister as evidenced by her keeping a scale, model replica of the town with everyone in it, and proclaiming herself "matriarch of Moralton".


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  • This episode is unique in that virtually none of the main characters appear in it - although Orel and Reverend Putty can be heard on a radio show.
  • According to series creator, Dino Stamatopolous, there was going to be a 5th season where Ms. Censordoll takes over the town, which explains her model of the town. However, due to the cancellation of the series, this was scrapped.
  • This episode is often blamed by Dino Stamatopolous for being the "final nail in the coffin" for the series since, as he puts it, he was told the series was "getting too depressing" by executives at Adult Swim.
  • Dino also voices the radio host heard throughout the episode.