Agnes Sculptham
Orel's teacher






Black (naturally blonde)


October 30, 1975




6th grade teacher

First Appearance

The Blessed Union

Last Appearance


Voiced by

Britta Phillips


Unborn twins (children of Cecil Creepler)

Agnes Sculptham (born October 30, 1975) is Orel's teacher.


Ms. Sculptham is a person who's always bored, and finds almost everything uninteresting. She leads the class through half-hearted field trips and lectures. Most of the information she imparts is heavily slanted in religion and absent in basic facts. She often does the bare minimum required from her though in "Courtship", she manipulates students smitten by her into giving her expensive gifts. It is revealed in Alone that she was raped and impregnated by Mr. Creepler. Her hair used to be blonde until she dyed it black in order to get raped by him. She appears to be infatuated with him, because of the longing visions she has, possibly because he forced her into her first orgasm. When she discovered she was pregnant with his children, she gave herself an abortion (as heavily implied by the bloody coat hanger she fixes). She also has OCD (Obesessive Compulsive Disorder), as evidenced by her need to turn the light switch on and off and engage and disengage her deadbolt lock many times in quick succession. The moments of obvious pains she shows in "Alone" indicate her self-done abortion may have severely damaged her internal organs. Her last name is a play on the words "sculpt" and "them." As a teacher she is responsible for sculpting children into something acceptable in the eyes in Moralton's society, something she doesn't really care about.


Season 1Edit

  • Episode 6, Omnipresence : She sent Orel to the principal's office.

Season 2Edit

  • Episode 6, God's Blunders : She was one of many guilty people during Orel's twisted speech.
  • Episode 15, Courtship : Tricked Doughy into giving her presents.

Season 3Edit

  • Episode 3, Innocence : Unwillingly gave Orel some bad advice.
  • Episode 4, Alone : Her past and home life was revealed.
  • Episode 5, Trigger : She was in class


  • Beforel Orel: She's seen among the congregation that was woken up in the middle of the night for Reverend Putty to learn about God.


Lost EpisodesEdit

Had the series continued, Miss Sculptham's further attempts to find love, including a lesbian relationship and one with a prisoner, both of which end badly due to society frowning upon each relationship and refusing to allow the teacher to marry either lover (a denial that she compares to having been raped); Miss Sculptham also discovers that she was pregnant with twins due to her rape and that her coathanger abortion only killed one of the two unborn children within her. This was supposed to be delved into further but season three was cut short, however the episode Raped was published as an e-script on Dino's myspace.

Its unknown what will or would have happened to her remaining twin child. Her remaining child could've been a girl.