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Moral Orel
Season Season 3, Episode Episode 14 of 13
#lost episode
Air date Unaired
Written by Dino Stamatopoulos
Directed by David Tuber
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Doughy finds his true calling and becomes a professional "Cock-Blocker".

Production Edit

This episode was put together by Mick Ignis and David Tuber, as well as a group of other dedicated Moral Orel crew members, and was produced for free after the shows cancellation. The episode has a unique, low-budget look similar to "Orel's Home Movies". The sets and puppets were built from scratch out of cardboard, garbage, and left over scraps from the show.

Release Edit

The episode never aired on [adultswim] but was premiered in January 2009 at San Francisco SketchFest. It was considered lost for years until, in 2015, David Tuber uploaded the full episode onto YouTube.